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Brand: Kind Love

Alien Rock Candy (ARC)


ARC, otherwise known as Alien Rock Candy, is Kind Love's most signature strain. Loved for it's uniquely rich and earthy aroma, ARC packs arguably the largest punch of anything on their shelves. It's powerful indica-dominant high provides you with complete sedation of the mind and body, lending it to be their most popular resource for consumers struggling with chronic pain or insomnia. The sheer potency of this strain alone leaves you stunned as you are reminded of that giddy feeling from your first time ever getting high.



About the brand :
Kind Love

Kind Love wants you to experience cannabis the way it was meant to be enjoyed. They stop at nothing to ensure you’re getting the absolute best cannabis that Colorado has to offer. From their connoisseur flower to their new KAMA line of extracts and edibles, they're your source for top-of-the-line cannabis in Denver. If you want the highest-quality, most potent, pure, and flavorful flower on the market, look no further.

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