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Brand: Mountain Select

Mountain Select - Live Rosin Cartridge - Troop 501


Cannabis vaporizers are a great way to consume discreetly and consistently. Vape cartridges contain concentrated cannabis oil that is heated by a battery and vaporized for inhalation. These products are very potent and are designed to be consumed in 2-3 second puffs.


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THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol) 71.3
THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol)-71.3 Delta 9 THC is the primary compound found in the resinous glands of a cannabis plant, and is directly responsible for psychoactive effects. It mirrors the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids and attaches to these receptors to alter and enhance sensory perception. THC can create a feeling of euphoria by enhancing dopamine levels in the brain. The amount of THC in a cannabis product can vary widely based on the method of consumption and the strain at the source of that product. The high that is produced is often enhanced by the “entourage effect” which is a combination of multiple cannabinoids in conjunction with various terpenes and individual body chemistry.

About the brand :
Mountain Select

They like to keep it simple and focus on quality over quantity. Using only water and ice they are able to capture a clean, flavorful, and potent solventless extract without losing any quality during the process. They subscribe to the saying “Fire in, Fire out” and understand it all starts in the garden and ends with hands-on refined craft process. They partner with gardens and cultivators not only for their high-end cannabis strains but also for their clean growing practices and methods. Coming from Breckenridge, at Mountain Select they understand the mountain lifestyle and the cannabis culture that many of the cultivators and people here in Colorado share. They want to elevate the standards of quality small batch cannabis to a higher state. Welcome to Mountain Select.

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