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Elevate Your Cannabis Experience with TurboCore: The Future of Infused Pre-Rolls

Introducing TurboCore – Revolutionizing Infused Pre-Rolls

The preroll market in cannabis is emerging as one of the fastest growing segments of the cannabis market, and pre-infused pre-rolls are the fastest growing segment within this segment

The world of cannabis is evolving, and so are the ways we experience it. Kind Love proudly unveils a game-changing innovation that’s set to redefine how you enjoy your pre-rolls. Say hello

to TurboCore – a disruptive technology that’s transforming the infused pre-roll market.


1. TurboCore: A 7-Year Innovation in the Making

Imagine technology so advanced that it took 7 years to perfect. That’s TurboCore – a patented breakthrough that’s set to revolutionize how you infuse and elevate your pre-roll experience.

2. The Science Behind TurboCore

TurboCore harnesses the power of just three natural ingredients: water, hash, and a proprietary vegan element that mimics the trichome shell of the cannabis plant. This microencapsulation technology encapsulates cannabinoids with precision, ready to enhance your pre-roll journey.

3. Elevate Your High – Simply, Effectively

TurboCore is designed for simplicity. Shaped like a toothpick, it’s effortlessly inserted into any pre-roll or cigarette. Light it up, and watch the magic unfold as your high is boosted 3-5 times. Say goodbye to average experiences, and embrace the potency you deserve – because “friends don’t let friends smoke mids.”

4. Versatility Redefined – Beyond Pre-Rolls

TurboCore’ s innovation goes beyond pre-rolls. Shape it as powder and mix it with flower to craft your own pre-infused TurboJoint. Elevate your bowl by using it as a bowl-topper. The possibilities are as diverse as your preferences.

5. Embrace Any Extracted Hash

TurboCore is versatile, accommodating various extracted hash forms, from distillate to hydrocarbon and rosin. It’s a universal solution for cannabis enthusiasts seeking potency, purity, and control.

6. Advantages of TurboCore Technology

TurboCore doesn’t just elevate your high; it offers a multitude of advantages:

  • Ease of Use: Stick it in, light it up – it’s that simple.
  • No Gear Required: Enjoy the enhanced experience without any additional equipment.
  • Stability: Withstands up to 120°F without melting.
  • Mess-Free: Non-sticky, non-runny, and non-oily.
  • Enhanced Burn: Burns at a lower temperature, preserving terpenes and offering a smoother, slower burn.
  • Affordability: Experience the potency of infused pre-rolls at a lower cost.
  • Custom Creations: Blend different flower strains and TurboCore strains to craft your personalized journey.


7. TurboCore’ s Success Story

The TurboCore innovation is already making waves. Present in over 150 stores across Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, TurboCore’ s reach is expanding through licensing agreements in various states.


Embrace the Future with TurboCore

TurboCore isn’t just about elevating your high; it’s about elevating your entire cannabis journey. Experience the innovation that’s changing the landscape of infused pre-rolls. Embrace the potency, the purity, and the possibilities with TurboCore – because when it comes to your cannabis experience, you deserve nothing but the best.


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