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Introducing TurboCore – Revolutionizing Infused Pre-Rolls

The world of cannabis is evolving, and so are the ways we experience it. Kind Love proudly unveils a game-changing innovation that’s set to redefine how you enjoy your pre-rolls. Say hello to TurboCore – a disruptive technology that’s transforming the infused pre-roll market.

1. TurboCore: A 7-Year Innovation in the Making

Imagine technology so advanced that it took 7 years to perfect. That’s TurboCore – a patented breakthrough that’s set to revolutionize how you infuse and elevate your pre-roll experience.

2. The Science Behind TurboCore

TurboCore harnesses the power of just three natural ingredients: water, hash, and a proprietary organic element that mimics the trichome shell of the cannabis plant. This microencapsulation technology encapsulates cannabinoids with precision, ready to enhance your pre-roll journey.

3. Elevate Your High – Simply, Effectively

TurboCore is designed for simplicity. Shaped like a toothpick, it’s effortlessly inserted into any pre-roll or cigarette. Light it up, and watch the magic unfold as your high is boosted 3-5 times. Say goodbye to average experiences, and embrace the potency you deserve – because “friends don’t let friends smoke mids.”

4. Versatility Redefined – Introducing Turbo-Kief

Turbo-Kief is a revolutionary by-product of TurboCores. When a TurboCore is sharpened, the excess product is collected and ground up into a fine, sand-like powder, contributing to a zero-waste product goal. It is a highly potent, microencapsulated extract powder that can be used as a bowl-topper or to manually infuse joints or blunts, or even shisha.

5. Embrace Any Extracted Hash

TurboCore is versatile, accommodating various extracted hash forms, from distillate to hydrocarbon and rosin. It’s a universal solution for cannabis enthusiasts seeking potency, purity, and control.

6. Advantages of TurboCore Technology

TurboCore doesn’t just elevate your high; it offers a multitude of advantages:

  • Ease of Use: Stick it in, light it up – it’s that simple.
  • No Gear Required: Enjoy the enhanced experience without any additional equipment.
  • Stability: Withstands up to 120°F without melting.
  • Mess-Free: Non-sticky, non-runny, and non-oily.
  • Enhanced Burn: Burns at a lower temperature, preserving terpenes and offering a smoother, slower burn.
  • Affordability: Experience the potency of infused pre-rolls at a lower cost.
  • Custom Creations: Blend different flower strains and TurboCore strains to craft your personalized journey.

7. TurboCore’s Success Story

The TurboCore innovation is already making waves. Present in over 150 stores across Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, TurboCore’ s reach is expanding through licensing agreements in various states.

Embrace the Future with TurboCore

TurboCore isn’t just about elevating your high; it’s about elevating your entire cannabis journey. Experience the innovation that’s changing the landscape of infused pre-rolls. Embrace the potency, the purity, and the possibilities with TurboCore – because when it comes to your cannabis experience, you deserve nothing but the best.


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